Student Leadership Council

As Creators and Contributors, students share, advocate and enact with Mrs. Davis during Student Leadership.
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Shape Ideas
  • Inspire others
  • Evaluate outcomes
  • Communicate with a variety of audiences
  • Work to achieve a future goal


Student Leaders collected Halloween candy donations to deliver to The Pontiac City Mission


Friday, January 6th

Leadership Committee presented the Quarton Quote and Touchstone to the Administration building.

  • Brooke– What is a touchstone?
  • Meredith– What is Quarton’s touchstone?
  • Kate– How does the Quarton touchstone help students remember to show good character?
  • Kennedy– What is happening right now at Quarton to encourage students to show good character?
The Superintenent, Dr. Larson, also asked the students questions about the Leadership Committee.

5th Grade student and his Mother on the day of the Superintendent interview for BPS television.