5th Grade students strive to be Knowledgeable and Skilled.
  • Have a strong foundation in content areas
  • Gather information using multiple resources
  • Question authenticity and legitimacy of information
  • Engage in sustained learning and in-depth projects
  • Communicate information effectively
  • Utilize multiple sources

Literacy is a focus in 5th grade at Quarton with Mr. Smith, Mrs. Tuomi and Mr. Sheckell.
Mystery Readers
Our families surprised our 5th graders by coming to be our Mystery readers.


Good Egg Award
Courtesy of: Mr. Smith
The Good Eggs Are...

Lily: For showing great character and work ethic every day!
Nick: For always being respectful to me and other classmates!

5Th Grade Million Dollar Projects
"Helping Others Around the World", by Jaclyn

The million dollar projects emphasized the importance of being Global Citzens of Character.
Through project research, students learned to:
  • Demonstrate cultural empathy
  • Understand languages and peoples
  • Engage in global issues
  • Access global information
  • Promote social justice