The Character Education Committee introduces and facilitates the learning of character within the Quarton Community. To kick off the year, class room teachers invited families to learn the Quarton Quote and the BEAR activity was proudly displayed through out the school building. Teachers were also encouraged to energize the quote with a lesson during the Morning Meeting format.

MORNING MEETING – Week 1 - Kickoff – Energizing the Quarton Quote
Good Morning!

Did you know that the Quarton Quote is about our character and how we show it in school? Put a tally mark in the box below that describes what you think.
I didn’t know that the Quarton Quote is about my character and how I show it in school.

I knew that the Quarton Quote is about my character and how I show it in school.
Greeting: Ask students to model “Be your best” when they do the greeting.

Sharing: What did you notice? Ask students to comment on what they observed (looks like, sounds like, feels like) while the class demonstrated “Be your best” during the greeting.

Activity: Talk about it. Students stand in two opposing lines.
Line 1
Line 2
Teacher gives directions: “I am going to ask a question. Line 1 will tell their answer to line 2. Line 1 will have 30 seconds to talk. Line 2 will only listen attentively – no talking. After 30 seconds, line 2 will have a turn to talk and line 1 will listen.” After each partner has talked and listened, rotate partners by sending the first person in either line (only send 1 person) to the end of their line, and have the others fill in. Everyone will now have a new partner. Repeat for each new question.

Question #1: Why do we have the Quarton Quote?
Question #2: What does it mean to you?

Wrap up and closure: Ask individual students to restate – especially those who have a good understanding of what the QQ means. You can also repeat these questions throughout the week in your MM and even as journal entries – whatever comes to mind!